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Mens’ Diamond rings

This is a subject close to my heart. As a diamond lover I don’t understand why men wearing diamonds is so uncommon. The only gentlemen that I know who wear diamonds on a daily basis are myself and my diamond supplier who both have diamond set wedding bands.

Taking about wedding bands and gents jewellery, I guess this is a prime time to talk about my own wedding ring. I decided to go for a full eternity ring set with the smallest trillion cut diamonds available.

I imagine part of the reason for a lack of men wearing diamonds is that when you go into a jewellers there is little choice for men’s wedding bands. Lets be honest, there is normally only one design to choose from – a princess cut diamond flush set into a wide wedding band. If you’re lucky there might be a round cut diamond equivalent but there’s never much choice.

However, from a designer’s point of view, there is a lot of scope for men’s stone set wedding bands, especially as they are often wider and deeper bands than ladies rings which allows for more unusual stone cuts to be set into the ring.

Personally I think geometric designs work really well for a man’s wedding band along with mixed metals, but – the world is your oyster!

Below I’ve created three designs that would all give a stunning detail to a man’s ring: