How to clean your engagement ring

Lets be honest, none of us want to have our favourite items of jewellery looking dirty or dull. We also don’t want to always have to go to a jewellers to get our favourite pieces cleaned. As a jewellery maker I only know too well how my clients hate having to take their rings off for repairs, alterations and re-rhodium plating etc.

Below, Veale Fine Jewellery have put together some great DIY solutions to keeping your jewellery looking as good as new.


Cleaning your rings in vodka or gin works really well. If you don’t have vodka or gin then any white spirit will work but the higher the alcohol content the better. To do this method pour out a small class full of alcohol and pop the ring into it. Leave it for 20 minutes swirling every 5-10 minutes to agitate the liquid then rinse and dry.

2. Fairy liquid and warm water

Get a bowl of water as hot as you can put your hand in. Mix in some fairy liquid and place your ring into the solution. With this technique you’ll also need an old, soft tooth brush. After 5 minutes of your ring sitting in the fairy liquid and water grab it out and use the old tooth brush to clean behind the centre stone and anywhere else where dirt might get stuck. Then put the ring back in the fairy liquid for another 5 minutes before taking it out and rinsing in water before drying with a paper towel.

3. Rennie or any antacids

This works surprisingly well, just get yourself a glass of warm water and put a couple of tablets into it. It will start to fizz. Then place your jewellery into the glass and leave for 5 minutes before removing,. Finally, rinse in water and dry on a paper towel.

4. Ultra sonic cleaner

If you fancy something a bit more full on then purchasing an ultra sonic cleaner is a great idea. These can be pretty cheap off Amazon and work really well for cleaning all your jewellery. Little tip: if your ultra sonic doesn’t heat the water start off by putting hot (not boiling) water into the cleaner. You can also purchase jewellery cleaning solutions which work well in an ultra sonic, or just use fairy liquid.