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The Phillip Veale Children’s Centre

We hold a family charity close to our heart: The Philip Veale Children’s Centre in Malawi, which was set up in 2010 in conjunction with the Aquaid Lifeline Fund (UK Registered Charity). Shielding vulnerable children from the harsh realities of life in one of the most deprived countries in Africa, the centre allows for 140 children from local villages to be cared for, fed and educated at the centre (which has its own teachers and classroom) each day. In addition, 25 orphans call the centre their home.

Each year, Veale Fine Jewellery makes a donation in suitable proportion to yearly profits to The Philip Veale Children’s Centre, which was set up in memory of James’ father.

In 2019, this meant that Veale Fine Jewellery funded the ongoing education of two boys who are now going to college to study catering. This year the centre also saw one of its boys become the first child from The Philip Veale Children’s Centre to go to university to study engineering.