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A Christmas Look back

I keeping with the Christmas sprit. I thought it would be great to look at some of my favourite creation from the last year. I’ve made so many pieces that have all had there on challenges from the simple wedding bands to the more ornate pieces. I’ve picked my 5 favourite there are go many more but I don’t want to bore you!

My First choice has to be my fiancée’s engagement ring (That will keep me in her good books!). It was a really fun project to work on and understandably so special to Rosie and myself.  In this ring I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect stone and with the help of my diamond supplier I think we found a corker. I went through a many designs to make sure that the swirl was kept as round as possible, I’ve talked about this in more detail in a previous blog

Swirl diamond engagement ring - Herfordshire bespoke ring shop | Veale Fine Jewellery
ethical diamond engagement - Cambridge bespoke ring shop | Veale Fine Jewellery

My second choice is a vintage inspired engagement ring. I got really luckily and stumbled across a gorgeous old European cut diamond these are often not that well cut which mean they often look either lopsided or not completely round. This one was of a lovely cut really round, great symmetry, not to deep and a culet which was nicely proportioned to the diamond. A real ‘Gem’ of an acquisition. The client wanted a vintage feel so we used a technique called mil-grain which is a subtle beading to edges of the ring this gave the ring a really beautiful antique feel but with the longevity and the precision of a contemporary piece of jewellery.

My Third choice is one that I loved making. it was a fairly simply men’s wedding band but we ‘jazzed’ it up with some stunning scroll engraving. The way that the engraving completely elevated the piece to be a real talking point was great. I love how a technique such as engraving can completely make a piece and showcasing these ancient crafts is something I’m really passionate about.

Gun engraving gents band - Cambridge bespoke ring shop | Veale Fine Jewellery
Diamond oval halo engagement ring - Cambridge bespoke ring shop | Veale Fine Jewellery

My last choice was one of my final engagement rings to go out of the workshop this year. It was a stunning oval cut diamond halo set in platinum. My client and I had been working together on this for a while, This enabled him to consider every element of the design. We used the number of pavé set diamonds to tell stories of their relationship (18 is the date they met and the number of diamonds in the halo). These little touches really set the piece apart from the crowd and the stunning 1.2ct centre diamond is total mesmerizing.