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Festive Ideas for How to Propose at Christmas

Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged. With the sparkling lights, festive decorations, spending time with family and friends and time off work to look forward to, you can see how Christmas might put you in the mood to pop the question. So you’ve got the ring sorted, now you need to think about when that perfect moment will be. There is nothing wrong with going traditional, either going to a nice restaurant or cooking a meal at home then getting down on one knee before dessert. But if you’re looking for some ideas that are particularly festive, we’ve put some together to get you in the right frame of mind for thinking creatively.

Box inside a box inside a box

The engagement ring is going to be the main present this Christmas, so why not treat it as such? If you want to throw your partner off the scent that there might be an engagement ring on the horizon, a large box underneath the Christmas tree will certainly do that. When it comes to present opening time, watching your partner open boxes just to find smaller boxes inside will help build the excitement of what’s to come.

Christmas treasure hunt

If your partner likes puzzles, creating a treasure hunt is the perfect way to propose. Hiding little clues in envelopes around your home that lead to them walking into a room to find the ultimate clue of you on one knee or holding a big ‘will you marry me’ sign, you’re sure to get a yes!

Engagement ring inside or tied to a bauble

For a Christmas tree decoration that will remind you and your partner of the special moment every year, use a bauble to present the engagement ring. Either getting a custom made opening bauble that can contain the ring as well as some sparkly confetti or looping the ring through a bow while it’s tied on the tree is a beautiful and interesting way to present an engagement ring. Custom made baubles are easy to find online and you can get one with the date, your names or the all important question.

Engagement ring inside a cracker

If you want to propose over Christmas dinner with either just the two of you or with family why not hide an engagement ring inside a Christmas cracker? Either carefully open one of the crackers and replace the prize and joke with the ring and the big question, or order a customisable Christmas cracker specially. Just make sure that your partner sits at the right place setting!

Advent calendar

No matter how old you get, everyone loves an advent calendar. Having a little treat every day really helps build up the excitement of Christmas. Luckily, engagement rings are small enough to be disguised as a wrapped chocolate or sweet so can easily be hidden in that final advent. Making your own advent calendar doesn’t have to be difficult or particularly creative. Paper bags pegged onto string or little parcels hanging from a branch are just two ideas for creating classy and inexpensive decorations. You can always find lots of mini stockings and other advent calendars online too.

Whatever way you choose to propose to make this Christmas your partner’s most special, remember to keep in mind whether your partner would prefer it to be private, public or with friends and family. 

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