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Creating a Flower Inspired Engagement Ring

I was very excited when my client came to me asking for a flower inspired engagement ring with a vintage feel. With this in mind we talked through possible design features and ways of holding the diamonds, as well as how the engagement ring would sit next to a wedding ring in the future. We settled on a trilogy ring design to be made in 18 carat gold to compliment his (now) fiancé’s existing jewellery.

The next decision to make was choosing the perfect stones for the setting. I sourced different options and we looked at these together. After seeing these he decided he wanted the shoulder diamonds to be of a similar size to the centre stone. We felt this added to the vintage look and would definitely provide eye-catching impact.

To really get a feel of how the ring would look, and to make sure the stones were the right size for his liking, we modelled the CAD design on hand images and also on his fiancé finger using a photo of her. This really helped to give a better idea of scale.

Once the stones had been chosen we made a few tweaks to the design to make sure it was perfect. He liked the way that my Lily Diamond Ring (one of my collection pieces) holds a stone but wanted a few more claws around each of the three diamonds to make the ring more ornate and flowing; adding to the vintage look and creating a truly personal piece. The final design included a mix of 8 claws on centre stone and 6 claws on the shoulder stones.

With everything finalised, I made a start on creating the ring. The photos below show the creation stage in progress.  The ring was 3D printed in two pieces to give a perfect finish and to ensure that every detail was perfectly accurate to the design.  These parts were then cast into 18 carat yellow gold ready for hand finishing.

Below are some pictures that I took and sent to my client once I had the finished ring. Needless to say, I think he was very excited to collect it and see it in person. I also enjoyed hearing about his proposal ideas!

I’m pleased to say that the ring got a big YES and George and Sophie are now engaged. Sophie dropped me a message this morning saying “The ring couldn’t be more perfect.” I think we got the design and final ring just right for her.

Congratulations to George and Sophie! It was a pleasure to create such a special, unique and inspired bespoke ring for you!

If you would like to find out more about our Bespoke Experience and talk through your ideas for creating the perfect engagement ring, get in touch today.

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