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Creating Our Opulence Diamond Ring

At Veale Fine Jewellery we make completely bespoke jewellery, as well as custom making our existing collection’s designs to clients’ preferences. This blog showcases how we work with clients to make our popular and timeless Opulence diamond ring.

The first thing to consider when making a trilogy ring is the relationship between the three diamonds. For the opulence ring I always start with sourcing the oval centre stone first. Oval cut diamonds of the same carat weight can vary in their proportions which creates very slight differences to the overall shape; below is a selection of oval cut stones demonstrating this variation.

Once the client has decided which centre stone they like best and that fits their budget, we move onto finding the perfect matching round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds. If my client would like more or less graduation between the side diamonds and the centre stone, I can source stones accordingly. For example, a smaller centre stone and larger side diamonds, or a much larger centre stone coupled with markedly smaller side diamonds. I can arrange for clients to view the stone selection before making a final decision. I also send clients a design of the ring with their chosen diamond sizes (left hand image below) and if it’s helpful I can also render different options on the hand (right hand image below). This is ideal if you’re unable to view the diamonds in person.

When the client is completely happy with the look and diamond choices, I move on to making the ring. This is initially 3D printed on our in-house high-resolution 3D printer and then cast into the desired metal. When it’s been cast, it looks like the photo on the left below. This is a rough casting straight off the casting tree.

The casting is then pierced out using a saw to remove the lump of metal on the bottom of the ring and also the excess metal on the head of the ring. Once this is done we file the metal back and use a range of different wet and dry papers to make the metal smooth and ready for assembly. Once I’m completely happy with the ring, it is soldered together before having a pre-polish. This is done before the stones are set so you can get behind where the stones are going.

The last stage is stone setting. The metal of the claws are grooved to make a small seat for the diamond. The claws are then bent over and tightened in a cross fashion before cutting any excess metal back and shaping the ends of the claws. This is followed by a final polish, then boxing up the ring ready for recipient.

This is what some of my clients have said about their Opulence diamond ring, and the process of buying an engagement ring over lockdown!

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