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Diamond Setting

Centre Stones

Claw setting
This traditional way of clasping the stone brings four corners of metal around the stone in a claw grasp. The claws can be finished in different ways depending on how they are being used. Claws can be round, angled or single / double talon claws.

Round Claw

Angled Claw

Single Talon Claw

Double Talon Claw

Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting
A bezel setting is a popular way of holding the centre stone and offers unrivalled security to the stone. This setting can be used as a semi bezel where some of the metal around the diamond is cut away; cupping the stone in a C shape.

Accent Stones

Pavé Setting
Pavé has a small boarder of metal alongside the diamonds of approximately 0.3mm. This is angled on the inside edge to enhance the look of the diamonds.  

Milgrain setting
Milgrain is similar to Pavé (see above) but with a beaded edge that gives a lovely, vintage look.

Castle Setting
Castle setting is a great option if you don’t want to see a lot of metal. The ring is curved into scallops to hold the stones but no metal is visible on the outside edge of the stones.

French Pavé Setting
French pavé (aka fishtail) is a fancy combination of the pavé and castle settings. It’s a cut down pavé but with a side profile that looks like ‘fish tails’. It is not possible to graduate the size of stones with this setting. 

Channel Setting
A channel setting is where the diamonds are held in a channel of metal with the sides holding the diamonds in place.