GIA Certified Diamonds for Bespoke Jewellery | Veale Fine Jewellery


Each diamond or gemstone in every exquisite piece at Veale Fine Jewellery has been carefully selected by us guiding each customer in finding the right stone(s) that speak to them.

All our diamond centre stones are GIA certified, the most stringent certification body in the jewellery world. Our founder, James, who is a Gem-A certified diamond grader, is passionate about sharing his knowledge to ensure you buy ‘the best’ for your piece.

Every diamond-set piece of jewellery has its own personality, built up by the diamond’s characteristics and how these are displayed to the world. There are four areas in which a diamond is graded, known as the ‘4Cs’; diamonds come in different shapes; and diamonds can be cradled in metal in different ways.

To ensure that you get the quality of diamond(s) that you desire, and the overall look you want to achieve in your piece, we have provided insight into all these aspects.