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We specailise in two types of engraving which can either be used to add a little extra detail or become the focal point of the design depending on design we are working to.

Laser Engraving

This is a technique uses high powered laser to burn the metal and leaves an engraving on the surface of the metal. The technique is highly accurate and we can use pretty much any font or design to put on the inside or outside of your piece. The main restriction is if there is too much detail then you’ll need a microscope to see it all.

Hand Engraving

This is a traditional technique which dates back to the 5th century BC. This is where a tools are used to chip or curve away at the metal. This is very similar to a how a wood carver would work but on a much smaller scale. The advantage of this is that it give a more tradional look and the groves have a polish to them as its almost cut because the tools are so sharp. Its not as easy to get large amounts of detail on the inside of the ring but for signet engravings its my preferred choice as it gives the tradional look I like in a signet ring. You can also do reverse engravings so that the ring works as a wax stamp. For text engraving you have a choice between two front a Times style or a script style.

Hall Marking

Hall marking is performed by the Assay office here at Veale Fine Jewellery we use the London assay office. The London assay office will test the metal and either stamp or laser engrave in a discrete location to verify the fineness of the metal.

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