FAQs About Bespoke Jewellery Process | Veale Fine Jewellery


How long does a piece take to create? 

All items on the website, except for the Wonder Collection, are made to order. For made to order pieces and bespoke pieces, once a 50% deposit being taken we still start to create your piece. Whilst we will endeavour to create each piece as soon as possible, this may take up to 6 weeks from the point the deposit is paid. Although in most cases we should be able to complete a piece within 4 weeks. Please let us know your delivery deadline at the start of discussing a piece with us so we can avoid any disappointment. ks from the deposit being paid.

Are your diamonds certified?

All diamonds over 0.5ct are GIA certificated. Any smaller stones will not be individually certificated but all comply with the Kimberley process.

How do I pay? 

We accept all major credit/debit cards including AMEX. We do not take payment via PayPal. You can make payment in person or via BACS (details will be on the invoice you receive).

For all made to order and bespoke pieces, once a final design has been chosen, you will pay a 50% deposit when you choose to go ahead and the final 50% on completion of the piece. 

For the Wonder Collection items, full payment will be taken upfront when purchased from the website. 

I’m worried the metal looks too chunky on the photo realistic CAD design? 

CAD designs always look more mentally than they do in reality. This is due to the rendering software used. The metal work in the final piece (which will also be hand finished) will look less dominant than in the CAD design. 

I’m buying a ring as a gift and I don’t know the person’s ring size?

To help you get a little closer to the right size, one idea is to find an existing ring that the person you are buying for wears (even if it’s on the wrong hand / finger) and press that ring into a bar of soap. If that’s given to us we can use this to gauge what the size of the chosen ring finger might be. In addition to this, we know that the average size of a woman’s ring finger on her left hand is M and the right hand is usually slightly larger. In the absence of any information we can make the ring to the average size (or slightly smaller / larger depending on your thoughts) and we offer a complementary re-sizing service after the gift has been received (except for full eternity rings where ring re-sizing is a lot more difficult). 

If you are able to disclose to the other person that you require their ring size, we work to UK industry standard ring sizes and can provide access to a ring sizer. 

I’ve changed my mind, can I alter my design? 

For bespoke items, James will work with you to agree a design you’re thrilled about – you can make changes to this design as much as you like until it’s perfect. After you’ve agreed a final design a 50% deposit will be taken and we will start to create your piece. Once this has started it will be a lot harder to make changes to the design and we cannot guarantee that all changes will be possible, although we will endeavour to accommodate them. There may be an additional charge for such changes to reflect the cost of the materials and re-design. 

What will the packaging be like when I receive my jewellery? 

All pieces will be packaged in an appropriately sized Veale Fine Jewellery navy blue jewellery box. For rings, this box will also be placed within a protective outer box. All jewellery will be received within a sturdy Veale Fine Jewellery navy blue bag. If your piece is being posted we will ensure that our branded packaging is protected from damage. 

How do I convert my ring size?

We have created a handy ring conversion chart here or please get in touch if you would like any expert advise on coverting rings sizes from either MM or US to UK.