Different metals to explore when creating jewellery

It’s easy to think that jewellery is all about the sparkling gemstones, but metal is a crucial component that should be carefully considered, not least in cradling and protecting the gems. Different metals have different properties and aesthetics that should be evaluated during the design process.

At Veale Fine Jewellery we mostly work with platinum, as well as yellow, white and rose gold. We always discuss our recommendations for metal with our clients, ensuring that you are presented with all the available options and can make an informed selection.


Platinum is metal that never loses its shine, retains its shape and is incredibly resistant to wear and tear. Such is the density of the metal that any superficial scratches can easily be polished out by a jeweller. It’s also a great choice for clients with allergies or sensitive skin as it’s fully hypoallergenic and inert. With all of these qualities, it’s little wonder that platinum is the most popular metal used in fine jewellery.


Synonymous with luxury, gold has different levels of purity that reflect the gold content within the metal. 24 carat gold is the highest purity, but is so soft that it will easily lose its shape, which is why most rings are made from 9, 12 or 18 carat gold. Each purity is available in iconic yellow, white or rose colours.

Yellow Gold sets off diamonds that have a hint of colour (G, H or I+).

White Gold has a shiny, reflective finish that enhances the brilliance of diamonds and is an excellent alternative to platinum. To keep white gold at its best, it’s recommended that it is rhodium plated every 18 months.

Rose Gold has grown in popularity and provides a less usual choice to the more traditional yellow and white colours. Its warm hue means that it complements a multitude of skin tones and can offset the sparkle of different coloured gemstones.

Our Promise

At Veale Fine Jewellery we only work with ‘fresh’ metal from trusted suppliers who strive to use recycled metals where possible. Around 90% of the metal we work with is from recycled sources. Following their illegal invasion of Ukraine, we have also now boycotted any metal of Russian origin.

Choosing The Perfect Diamond

Throughout history, the alluring sparkle of diamonds has been an irresistible temptation for people looking to buy jewellery. But with so many different options available, how do you know which diamond to buy?

Different setting styles

The shape of the diamond will also determine the setting that is best suited to showcase and protect the stone(s).

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