Jewellery Redesign & Gem Stone Repurposing | Veale Fine Jewellery


Do you ever wish your daytime jewellery was a little more ‘wow’ for special occasions, but can’t justify buying a new piece? Or are you sentimentally attached to a piece of jewellery that’s just isn’t very ‘you’?

If you have any jewellery that needs a little more love and attention to make it just how you’d like it, we offer a re-design service using your existing materials. Providing the gem(s) are in a re-usable condition (if they are too damaged it can be difficult to set them securely) we can work through the bespoke journey with you: drawing up a design, adding any complimentary stones, and re-modelling the heritage of your existing piece into a loveable, more contemporary piece. Creating new life from old.

We are also happy to incorporate inherited, family stones into bespoke engagement rings.