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The 4C’s


A diamond’s cut determines how much light is reflected internally from one facet to another. Once captured, the light explodes through the top of the stone giving the characteristic brilliance, fire and scintillation for which diamonds are renowned. The most captivating diamonds, which inspire our senses and famously addict us, are those that are cut to maximise light reflection.

At Veale Fine Jewellery we want every one of our pieces to sparkle and shine like no other. We will work with you to ensure that the diamond(s) used have a cut that will ensure brilliance, no matter what shape of diamond takes your fancy.

Excellent Cut
Deep Cut

Shallow Cut

D – F Colourless
G – H Near Colourless
I+ Faint


A diamond’s colour is measured by the degree to which the diamond approaches colourless. Colourless diamonds are more expensive than those with a hint of colour.  The colourless diamonds are graded from D to H. If a diamond is graded between I and M, you will notice a slight tint of colour. Stones graded beyond M will have an increasingly yellow appearance.

At Veale Fine Jewellery we work with a range of colour grades but recommend diamonds of colour H or above.


A diamond’s clarity is measured by how easy it is to see through it, based on blemishes on the surface and inclusions disrupting its internal integrity. Flawless diamonds have the highest degree of clarity. At slightly lower grades, inclusions will not interrupt the transparency of the stone to the naked eye; they are simply the diamond’s fingerprint.

At Veale Fine Jewellery we work with diamonds of Si1 (slightly included 1) clarity and above. These grades are all uninterrupted by blemishes or inclusions to the naked eye.





A diamond’s size is measured in carat weight. One carat is 0.2g. It is important to remember that while weight is essential, two diamonds of equal weight can be of differing values depending on their cut, colour and clarity. When these other 4Cs are at their best, a larger diamond will enhance all the diamond’s delightful characteristics. 

At Veale Fine Jewellery we work with a range of carat weights and often use different sized stones within the same piece to create maximum effect and outstanding charm.






All diamonds that we work with are ethically sourced.
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