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Wearing and Protecting Your Jewellery

Tips for looking after your jewellery

1. Variation is key

With the exception to your favourite diamond jewellery, the same piece shouldn’t be worn every day as heavy wear can cause increased damage. The great thing about this is it encourages you to make the most of your whole jewellery box and not just that ‘go to’ piece. Think about wearing gems and jewellery that complement your outfit and make sure you utilise your whole jewellery collection – there’s no point it living in your safe!

2. Get dressed first

Your jewellery should always be the last thing you put on before leaving to go out. This way any skin care products and unnatural oils are kept away from your jewellery. It means you are displaying them in the best way possible.

3. Over exposure to heat & light

Make sure you’re not over exposing your rings to heat and light. Over time heat and light can damage gemstones. Some of the most susceptible gems are Topaz and Amethyst which will both lighten with too much exposure to sunlight. Amber will darken. The key thing is just don’t store them in direct sunlight.  

4. Storing your jewellery

Your jewellery is expensive and personal and, in many cases, an heirloom of the past or the future. It’s so important to do what you can to look after it well. One of the easiest ways to damage jewellery is storing it incorrectly. If you chuck it in your bottom draw, not only will you find that every time you go to put on a different necklace they are knotted together, but it will make them prone to being scratched, bent or chipped.

You should keep your jewellery in a dry and clean place. Ideally in some soft fabric bags with each piece having it’s own bag. This will make it much easier to get them out and protect them whilst you’re not wearing them. For bigger pieces it’s best to use the boxes that the piece came in and if you need a few more of the velvet drawstring pouches they can be purchased cheaply off the internet.

Keeping Your Jewellery At Its Best