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A Guide To Buying Fine Jewellery

We understand there’s a lot to think about when buying jewellery. As well as taking care of the design, our expert team is here to guide you through everything else you might need to bear in mind, from getting the ring size right to making the best choices for your budget and insurance.

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Ring Sizing

Veale Fine Jewellery has a printable ring sizing tool to help you to identify your ring size and/or an existing ring’s size. Alternatively, you can use our ring conversion chart to convert between UK, European and American ring sizes and/or convert your finger circumference (mm) into your ring size.

Please be mindful that these options are not as accurate as a jeweller’s ring sizing set. However they are a good approximation and starting point! We are more than happy to meet clients to double check. Additionally most rings can be re-sized without any effect on the final piece, except for full eternity rings where stones are in the adjustment area.

How Much To Spend When Buying Jewellery

One of the first things that spring to mind when you’re looking to buy a piece of jewellery is ‘How much will it cost?’, or even, ‘How much should I spend?’. The answer to both of these questions is simple, yet complex! Firstly, and simply, it depends on how much you would like to spend (and feel comfortable spending). Secondly, and more complexly, it depends on what you’re looking for…

When it comes to talking about price, rather than focusing on ‘cutting costs’, at Veale Fine Jewellery we prefer to work with clients to achieve the maximum impact for their budget. That said, there are certain considerations that can have an effect on price.

6 Ways to Maximise Budget When Buying Jewellery

1. Surround A Stone With Sparkle

It’s well known that cost increases exponentially with diamond size, so the larger the centre stone in your piece, the higher the cost. If you want to create a dazzling piece with ‘wow factor’ for a smaller budget, why not look at pairing a smaller centre stone with accent stones (e.g. a halo surround, side diamonds, diamond set shoulders) to increase the total carat weight and sparkle without the need for such big diamonds! At Veale Fine Jewellery we can help you to do this in a seamless design, choosing diamonds with the right colour, clarity and cut (view our guide) that will still have that signature shimmer and shine.


2. Avoid Round Numbers

It may sound silly, but it’s true. Gemstones with round rumber carat weight (e.g 1 carat, 2 carat) cost more than stones just below the cut-off points. For example, it would be more cost effective to choose a 0.9 carat stone over a 1 carat stone, or a 0.45 carat stone over a 0.5 carat stone, and nobody would notice the difference visually!

Velvet sapphire necklace set with a central oval Ceylon sapphire and surrounded by a cluster of round cut diamonds

3. Add Colour

Whilst diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, there are a host of other coloured gemstones available, and they can come at a lower price. When it comes to the more traditional colours and styles, sapphires and rubies are popular choices. They are generally cheaper than diamonds for the same carat weights, and are only slightly

4. Explore different shapes

The cut of a diamond will determine how its carat weight is distributed. And where there is a higher concentration of weight in a stone, the more it costs, even if the overall carat weight is identical! For example, oval cut diamonds have a shallow ‘belly’ and their weight is distributed over a larger surface area, whereas a cushion cut diamond has a deeper ‘belly’ with lots of facets and its weight concentrated in a smaller surface area. It may appear smaller in size, but its a highly desirable stone that can fetch far more money. Round, brilliant cut diamonds are seen as being the ‘ideal proportion’ and, as such, are the most expensive stones per carat weight. This is not only due to where the stone holds its weight, but is also because cutting round, brilliant stones from ‘the rough’ is a more complicated and expensive process than with other shaped stones that produce less waste.

5. Go Vintage

Veale Fine Jewellery is delighted to work with existing gemstones from jewellery that you already own, or to source second hand jewellery from which the gemstone(s) can be removed and reset in a new design. As well as being cost effective, repurposing a stone that’s already been out the ground for hundreds of years is the most eco-friendly way to create jewellery too!

6. Metal Myths

It’s still a common belief that white or yellow gold is a less expensive way to create jewellery than using platinum. This is no longer as clear cut. With the recent rise in gold prices, gold and platinum are on a level footing in terms of price. So, if you’re wondering whether to choose white gold or platinum, remember platinum is generally slightly harder wearing and won’t need to be re-rhodium plated every 18-24 months, as is recommended for white gold jewellery.

Price Guide - Engagement & Wedding Rings

How long is a piece of string? There’s no correct answer here, and at the end of the day – you should spend what you are comfortable with. Some people start by setting a budget, others like to set the design parameters first, but either way we will work with you to create a truly special piece aligned to your financial allowance.

If you’re still after a ballpark figure (we know you want the nitty gritty detail!) then generally speaking, the price of an engagement ring starts from £1,500 and goes up to ranging around £10,000 and above! Ladies wedding rings generally fall between £600 – £1,500 with design and material choices then pushing this figure up. For Men’s wedding bands, 9-carat gold options start from £400 and 18-carat gold options from around £875; increasing for wider bands and additional design features.

Insurance For Your Jewellery

All jewellery is comprehensively insured by Veale Fine Jewellery right up until the moment it is received by the customer. We are happy to recommend specialist jewellery insurers to you and provide an insurance certificate for all sold pieces before dispatch so there is seamless protection.


Choosing the perfect diamond

Throughout history, the alluring sparkle of diamonds has been an irresistible temptation for people looking to buy jewellery. But with so many different options available, how do you know which diamond to buy?

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Cleaning and caring for your jewellery

Jewellery is a significant investment and often a highly personal purchase. At Veale Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves on building ongoing relationships with our clients – providing all the advice and support you need to keep your jewellery sparkling and at its best.


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